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Author Anuja Chauhan was in Chennai on August 3 to launch her fourth book, ‘The House That BJ Built’ at an event organized by The Hindu ‘LitForLife’ in association with Westland Books.

Anuja had introduced her readers to the charm of late eighties era of Delhi in her book, ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls’ in 2013 and with the sequel expected in 2015, people were eagerly waiting for the launch of the new book.InPage 1

The Thakur girls are back this year, in a post liberalized India with the addition of a few new characters. Binodini’s daughter, Bonita Singh AKA Bonu is a young entrepreneur, who charms her way to whatever she desires.

There is also, Samar Vir Singh who happens to be Anjini’s step son, a charming and successful young gentleman with whom Bonu has many a romantic hit.

Like every other Anuja Chauhan novel, this one too has its share of romance, emotions, comedy, sibling rivalry and bonding.

Set up almost 20 years later to the events in ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls’ where the grand house on Hailey road is in ruins, much like the owner, L.N. Thakur’s health who is now being taken care by his grand-daughter, Bonita.

The main story starts after the death of Thakur sahib where the property dispute becomes the soul of the book with people fighting for their ‘hissa’ along with the romance of Bonita and Samar.

At the launch of the book, Anuja spoke about the female leads in her book and how everyone has a big house in their life, either their grand-parents house or some ancestral home.

After the book launch, the author was asked a barrage of questions from the patient audience to which she responded with appropriate answers.

Having been described as the female Chetan Bhagat by an elderly lady in the crowd, Anuja’s crisp remarks were that she wasn’t an IIM graduate and she wrote for the audience and not her critics.

The author also shared the plight of Indian authors who are compelled to sell their copyrights to producers as they are unable to earn royalty money from the publishers.

The evening ended with Anuja signing the books and posing for photographs with young enthusiastic readers, very similar to her novels where there is always a happy ending.


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