New Delhi: Known for having heated press conferences, former member of Delhi Commission of Women (DCW) Juhi Khan, on Friday levelled charges of irregularities against former chairperson of DCW, Barkha Shukla Singh.

Khan, who had resigned from the DCW at a live press conference in May 2015, accused Singh of working for her growth. “She claims to be a social worker, but has assets of over 3 crores in her bank. I would like to know how a social worker can be so rich,” said Khan.

Stating that DCW should not be politicised, Khan who has been referred to as an Aam Aadmi Party sympathiser dismissed the claims by saying that she is not affiliated to any political party and does not have any political agendas behind her claims.

In a letter written to the Lieutenant Governor and the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Khan stated that Singh, who drew monthly salary for a period of eight years, did little work to merit such a salary. “The remuneration she drew from DCW is asymmetric and can constitute financial fraud,” she said.

Khan levelled charges of conflict of interest, abuse of public office and dereliction of duties on Singh. “Despite being a full time appointee as per DCW rules, Ms Singh came to DCW only twice a week and no one could reach her during the remaining time,” added Khan.

“She pursued just one case in eight years; the current chairperson has pursued over 140 cases in just two months being in charge. She would only take up those cases which favoured the Congress party,” said Khan, claiming that Singh would often influence DCW members for the benefit of her party.

Regarding the recent raids by the Anti-Corruption Bureau on DCW, Khan claimed that all charges are false and that ACB will inspect the matter in due course.

Refuting all claims made by Khan, former MLA Barkha Shukla Singh claimed that she had disclosed her assets before the elections. “Does a social worker need to be poor? Why can’t rich people be social workers?” claimed Singh.

Speaking to TOI, Singh talked about the case handling policy of DCW. “Cases do not come in the chairperson’s name; it usually is handled by members of DCW and thus goes under their names.”

Singh questioned why Khan had not done the press conference before and was coming out only now? “Juhi Khan even distributed sweets among DCW members when she joined AAP. We all know that they are forcing her to do the press conference now,” said Singh.

This article first appeared in The Times of India, Delhi Edition issue dated 20.08.2016



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